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The Flowerdale and Strath Creek districts of the Murrindindi Shire, Victoria, Australia, were hit very hard by the Black Saturday Bushfires on Feb. 7th 2009. The Focus on Fauna project was part of the community’s response to learn from that event, share stories, rebuild and, importantly, celebrate the small part of Victoria that we call home.

Public land (green & orange) & private property (white).

Our surveys were conducted on private property, not public land (Parks, Reserves, State Forest). The map above shows the distribution of public and private land in the study area. The Department of Sustainability and Environment coordinated post-fire flora and fauna surveys on public land (shaded green, above) at the same time as our Focus on Fauna project. Where possible, Focus on Fauna collaborated with the DSE (now DELWP) projects to build a better picture of fauna responses to the Black Saturday fires.

The map below shows the extent of the Black Saturday bushfires in the project area.

This map (below) shows the general location of the Focus on Fauna project’s survey sites.

In addition, the project collected anecdotal and incidental fauna information from across the district. All information was deposited with the DELWP Biodiversity Atlas.

Focus on Fauna survey sites

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  1. Mark Feltrin permalink
    March 11, 2011 3:22 pm

    Great project
    I have the property at 505 murchison spur rd strath creek.
    I have a diploma in NRM and did fuana surveys of my property before the fires. I have a ecological vegetation managment plan that gives me the ability to thin – whats important that i have measured surveys of the character of the forest then that might be useful to you to undestand the ecology and the changes. I would love to do more now to establish the impact on wild life – it sure is a quiter place 😦
    I’m trying to move back and would love to get involved to help

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