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FoF Entertainment Review

December 13, 2018

Event:  Ecdysis – the musical

Genre:   Drama

Classification:  G – General exhibition, suitable for the whole family

Director:   Mother Nature

Cast:   Members of the Aeshnidae, Cordulegastroidea and Libelluliodea families (i.e. dragonflies)

Soundtrack:   Various frogs, crickets & cicadas

Year:   2018

Plot summary:  Ecdysis (the musical) is the coming of age story of a dragonfly as it transitions from nymph to adult. This process as the title suggests is called ecdysis. Dragonflies can spend between months and years of their lifecycle underwater as nymphs, depending on the species.  During ecdysis the nymph leaves the water on a piece of vegetation. The adult emerges through a split in the back of the nymphal exoskeleton (see picture below).  The wings are very small. Over the course of several hours internal hydraulics pump up both the body and the wings. I won’t give away the ending.

Rating:   Five stars

Showing:  NOW. On warm nights after dark, at a dam or wetland near you

Reviews:  “By far and away the best couple of hours I have spent in a long time and the backing track was great”   R. Litjens

Truly the greatest show on earth”  O. Donata

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