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Local Shinglebacks

March 24, 2011

Tiliqua rugosaShinglebacks, Bobtails, Stumpy-tails, even Tiliqua rugosa! These large blue-tongued skinks (closely related to ‘blue-tongue lizards’) go by varied names and pop up in the most unlikely places. In recent months Gary Hendy has found this free-living Shingleback on his property on several occasions. But do they belong here?

According to records and expert knowledge, the natural distribution of Shingleback Lizards (to use their correct name) doesn’t extend much east or south of Bendigo. They are really animals of the arid interior, but they can be quite long-lived and adaptable, so it’s most likely that these individuals either escaped, or were liberated from captivity and have survived in their new environment. Though they may not be indigenous here, they certainly don’t do any harm.

Tiliqua rugosa

Gary's Shingleback

Nonetheless, its worth keeping track of what’s around, so we’d be interested in hearing about other Shingleback Lizards living in the Flowerdale-Strath Creek district. Just leave a comment at the bottom of this post, or email

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