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Common Brushtail Possum & Agile Antechinus, Strath Creek

April 5, 2011

Common Brushtail Possum & Agile AntechinusThis log is clearly a place of regular interest for a local Brushtail Possum and Antechinus and some peanut-butter, rolled oats & golden syrup no doubt increased the attraction, though the bait is secure in its holder and unavailable.

Falls Rd, Strath Creek log.These images were taken over several days’ surveillance. The remote camera site was set-up in a burnt riparian strip on Wild Dog Creek and the target area was a burnt, fallen log. Fallen logs are  home to many invertebrates and good candidates for camera surveillance, as they usually invite inspection by curious animals.

When the Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) interrupts the Antechinus (Antechinus agilis) at the bait station, the smaller animal quickly exits the scene. Later, on the 22.3.11, there are two Antechinuses investigating the suspended bait (can you see the two sets of eyes?). Apologies for the scratchy quality of these images. 

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