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Rakali in Break O’Day Creek

May 14, 2011

After the owners of a Flowerdale property reported sightings of Rakali or Water-rat (Hydromys chrysogaster) in their dam adjacent to Break O’Day Creek, Flowerdale, cameras were set up near concrete rubble in the creek and successfully recorded this delightful animal.  It was attracted by a non-accessible lure of peanut butter, golden syrup, oats and a dash of fish sauce. [The videos take a minute to load]

To view other videos from this site …..

The Water-rat could be considered Australia’s equivalent of the otter. It is a carnivore that needs a steady supply of food to maintain its very active lifestyle. The white end on its tail is a characteristic give-away for this species. And it doesn’t mind being out on a cold, foggy night!

It is vulnerable to habitat degradation and predation by a range of animals, including the Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes). Hmm, what might this Fox be up to?

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