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More Owlet-nightjars

August 17, 2011

Reports keep coming in of Australian Owlet-nightjars in the Flowerdale/Strath Creek area. These engaging little birds have readily taken to roosting in nestboxes installed since the 2009 fires. Many natural tree hollows were destroyed in the fires, so artificial nesting sites would be much in demand by the many creatures that had previously relied on hollows for shelter. It will be interesting to see if the birds actually use the boxes for nesting in the upcoming breeding season.

These photos were taken at properties in Spring Valley Road, Flowerdale and Upper King Parrot Creek Road, Strath Creek.

Click HERE to see a previous post on an owlet-nightjar at Flowerdale.

For detailed information about the Australian Owlet-nightjar, and to hear its call, click the following link to the Birds Australia Birds in Backyards website.

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