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Fish found near Flowerdale

May 30, 2012

Mountain Galaxias – photo by Rosta Buc

Rosta from Junction Hill, east of Flowerdale, sent us this picture of a school of small fish she noticed in a pond that forms part of an intermittent creek on her property (click on the photo for a better look). They were described as being about 90 mm long and very speedy, and she wondered if they were native Mountain Galaxias (Galaxias olidus). Joanne Kearns, a freshwater ecologist from the Arthur Rylah Institute, was able to confirm that they do indeed appear to be Mountain Galaxias, and it is not unusual to find them in pools along non-flowing watercourses. According to Jo they are actually very tough little fish; they can tolerate water temperatures up to 32 degrees Celsius and can survive several months (in the summer period) in isolated pools of water. Individuals have even been known to survive in wet mud at the bottom of a drying pool! So they are quite remarkable fish.

For more information on Mountain Galaxias click on the link to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s fact sheet below. One disturbing fact is that introduced trout pose a real threat to native galaxiids.


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