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September 6 – the start of hostilities

September 6, 2012

Where’s that bicycle?

Today marked the start of hostilities in the annual assault on yours truly by the Australian Magpie (Gymnorhina tibicen). For the past two weeks I have peacefully ridden my bicycle to the General Store to pick up the mail without incident. However today the magpies fired the first salvos – initially attacking on the bicycle path at Moore’s Reserve, then outside the Primary School and then finally at the bottom of Old Spring Valley Road.

I was surprised everything was quiet along ‘Divebomb Alley’, a notorious stretch of magpie heaven along Spring Valley Road. But the signs are ominous. Trouble (for me) is brewing. For the past month about twenty black and white marauders have been gathering, regularly carousing in the paddocks along the road. Sharpening their beaks.

I still bear the scars from last year when a magpie took a piece out of my ear on Melbourne Road in Yea. This year I have put in my order to Santa: Kevlar body armour, a full-faced helmet and a beach umbrella for the bike. However I suspect the Christmas delivery timeframe may be too late.

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