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To B(arbed wire) or not to B(arbed wire)

April 28, 2013
What a way to go

What a way to go

Moving to a rural community one becomes very much aware of the raging debate about the use of barbed wire in fencing. It seems that farmers are pro-barbed wire as it is said to deter livestock from pushing through fences. On the other hand, there are those who posit that many a possum or sugar glider has been shredded by the dastardly invention. As I have no personal experience of either, I have reserved my judgement and sat on the fence (a non-barbed-wire one of course).

Empty pupal case

Empty pupal case

However…walking along our perimeter fence I have just found in the space of several metres not one but two Rain Moths (Trictena atripalpis) hanging lifelessly, hooked through the abdomen by barbed wire. Rain Moths are so called because the adults emerge from their pupal stage after rain. At this time of the year you can see the abandoned pupal cases sticking out of the ground.
Some will say that they are only moths. All I know is that when I eventually depart this place I hope it is not by hanging upside down, skewered through the stomach.

To B or not to B. It’s still the question.

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