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Illegal !!

July 19, 2013
Wedge-tailed Eagle - the mallet is for size comparison only

Wedge-tailed Eagle – the tree-guard mallet is for size comparison only!

And senseless ! This Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audax) was found shot and killed last weekend on a property at Flowerdale. These magnificent birds, apart from being a joy to watch, provide a valuable service in cleaning up carrion in the rural landscape, and any threat to healthy livestock is greatly exaggerated.
Whoever did this should realise they are liable to prosecution under the Wildlife Act. It once again demonstrates the stupidity of a small number of people who feel they have the right to kill defenceless native animals for no reason.

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  1. July 20, 2013 7:34 am

    I can’t use the ‘Like ‘ button for this distressing post.We are watching a trio of Wedgies right now as they seem to have taken up our paddocks as a ‘teaching’ area for last years fledgling.We are surounded by sheep farmers , all farming for more than 40 years , who between them have only had one lamb taken , a sickly lamb with sickly mother, in memory.They love the eagles and decry the foxes that marraud on their flocks, despite this being an area that the BBCMN have targeted for fox control. Wild dogs straying from town have also been seen taking lambs and killing sheep ,never Wedgies !! This was mindless destruction of our largest and most glorious raptor by a thug with a gun .

  2. Susan permalink
    July 25, 2013 1:59 pm

    So sad to see such a magnificent bird be destroyed.

  3. July 27, 2013 2:54 pm

    Just was told about this after my partner saw the local paper. So I looked it up and found your blog. How distressing! I have only seen one fly over our property lately (Kinglake Central) so maybe it was one of the pair that frequents here… I just don’t understand why someone would do that?

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