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Wildlife health presentation

November 6, 2013

King ParrotPobblebonkDuring 2011, Focus on Fauna held a series of evening presentations in Flowerdale and Strath Creek covering various nature topics. These proved to be very popular and the Upper Goulburn Landcare Network is keen to revive the program.

To start off we have arranged for Pam Whitely to give a talk at Flowerdale on 15th November about her work on wildlife health at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, The University of Melbourne. Find out what to do if you do see sick or dead native animals in the wild, and learn about diseases and viruses that may affect our native wildlife. Their health can be important for biodiversity and may even influence human health. Some examples of what Pam and her team deal with are:

  • the decline of amphibians due to introduced chytrid fungus
  • facial tumor disease in Tasmanian Devils
  • psittacine (beak and feather) circoviral disease in parrots and cockatoos

Click on the flyer below to see full details of the presentation. If you plan to attend please email:


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