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Unearthed !

February 20, 2014

Vegie garden frogWhile digging over a shrivelled-up patch of beans in our rather sad-looking vegie garden the other day, this frog-shaped lump, about 60 to 70 mm long, flopped out of a clod of earth. A quick hose down revealed it to be a healthy Pobblebonk or Banjo Frog (Limnodynastes dumerilii) that had fortunately avoided the sharp edge of the spade.


Pobblebonk exposed

The obvious swelling (tibial gland) on its lower hind leg, and the pale raised stripe below its eye, readily distinguish it from the other large burrowing amphibian that may be found in our district, the Common Spadefoot Toad (Neobatrachus sudelli). Another identifying feature of the latter is that its eyes have vertical pupils as opposed to the horizontal pupils of the Pobblebonk (and most other frogs). The tibial gland is thought to emit secretions that deter potential predators, although it obviously doesn’t always work – see a previous post Excuse me. I’ve got a frog in my throat.

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