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Ouch !

April 15, 2014

Spotted Pardalote through windowThis fuzzy out-of-focus shot of a Spotted Paralote probably accurately represents how it felt after flying into our kitchen window. After rushing for the camera, the photo was hastily taken through the window before the bird managed to fly off into a nearby callistemon bush. There we were able to get some clear close-up shots as it gradually recovered. (Click on the photos below for a good look at this gorgeous bird). After a few minutes it flew off, apparently unharmed apart from possibly having a splitting headache!

Many birds are not so lucky and collisions with windows are a significant cause of mortality in some species of birds, although probably not to the extent of altering the conservation status of any one species. Estimates of the number of birds dying from window strikes are in the many millions, but do not appear to be based on any reliable scientific study. Spotted Pardalote restingSpotted Pardalote recoveringHowever, many of you will have heard that sickening thud and experienced the distress of finding a feathered body next to the window.

For information on why birds collide with windows and what can be done to prevent it happening, go to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website HERE.




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