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Not so commonly seen

April 30, 2014

Common Bronzewing 1This attractive pigeon may be dubbed Common Bronzewing, but common doesn’t always equate to being seen often. It is normally a shy and wary ground-feeding bird that flies off rapidly with a clatter of wings when disturbed. Despite its iridescent wing colouring and white cheek stripe, it is often well camouflaged, especially in the dappled shade of its usual habitat of drier forests or woodland, including roadsides, and heathy scrub. The ‘common’ label was probably given to separate it from its similar-looking but less widely distributed relative, the Brush Bronzewing.
Common Bronzewing 2Common Bronzewing 3
The bird pictured, which was photographed between Strath Creek and Flowerdale, is a male. Like many birds, the female has generally duller plumage, although she retains the distinctive wing colouring and white facial line.

The call of the Common Bronzewing is a deep, resonant and repetitive ‘oom’, which can be heard by clicking on the audio icon below.

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