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Butcher’s apprentice

November 27, 2014

Young butcherbird 1This young Grey Butcherbird was ‘trapped’, or thought it was, in our large open shed for a short time until it managed to find a gap in the plastic mesh designed to keep out sparrows. During its search for an escape route, it occasionally let out some plaintive notes (click on the audio below), before breaking into harsher squawks, similar to the start of the adult bird’s call which you can also hear below.

Young butcherbird 2


Its parents were not in sight, presumably too busy out butchering fledgling birds, skinks or other tasty morsels !

As you can hear from the young bird’s attempt,  it has a long way to go until it can emulate the full melodious songs of its parents.


Young Grey Butcherbird:

Adult Grey Butcherbird:

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