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December 9, 2014

Grey Fantail's nestOne of the most exquisitely crafted bird nests would surely be that of the Grey Fantail. The nest shown at left was discovered, still under construction, in a tangle of Swamp Paperbarks (Melaleuca ericifolia). This nest is quite well camouflaged, unlike some Grey Fantail nests we have seen located on a bare branch in full view of any observer (or predator).


Grey Fantail

Both the male and female birds share nest construction and incubation and were seen nearby collecting material, including carpet underfelt. One of them is shown at right.

After some recent heavy downpours, the nest is looking slightly bedraggled and soggy (see below), but now holds a single egg. The usual clutch is 2 to 3 eggs, so we will keep discreetly monitoring activity at the nest.Grey Fantail's nest with egg

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  1. December 14, 2014 11:36 pm

    Fantastic Fantail nests. Nest building, as ubiquitous as it is for birds, is an under appreciated, highly evolved behaviour. It would be easy for that fantail to take a few short-cuts, but no, the nest is built to a plan and standard that is difficult for me to grasp (which you’d understand if you’ve seen my house!).


  1. A Grey Fan-tale | Focus On Fauna

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