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Really unruly

March 23, 2015

unknownOI have unruly eyebrows (or so I’ve been told) and the older I get the more unruly they seem to become, much to the amusement of my partner. She calls them ‘Dutch eyebrows’ a generalisation which is no way based on fact but probably originated because she met a few more than two people with the aforementioned eyebrows and they all had Dutch ancestry (the others were probably my brother and my legion of uncles!)

I was recently relieved to find a creature with more unruly eyebrows than me, a Feather-horned Beetle (Rhipicera femorata). Granted, it doesn’t have eyebrows but very impressive antennae, but I’m not picky.

DSCN7441DSCN7448Not much is known about this genus of beetle. The male of the species has fan-like antennae, the female, rod-like ones. The white dots on the wing cases are actually patches of hair. It is suspected that the larvae are parasitic on cicada larvae. Not much to go on is it?

I don’t care. Whenever someone has a shot at me about my eyebrows I am going to whip out one of these photos and say, ‘You think that’s bad, check out this. That’s really unruly’.

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  1. March 29, 2018 6:31 pm

    Hello Ron, I too am quite taken with these beetles, and have just had a bunch of them visit us. Thought you might enjoy my little video and post: . By the way, do you recall if you were in a swampy area when you saw them, or a drier spot? Am trying to join the dots about the different species and maybe their behaviour. Cheers, Karen


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