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At home in a hay shed #2

September 10, 2015

DH's pardalotesLast month we had a story of a Nankeen Kestrel that has taken up residence in our hay shed. Now we learn that there’s a bale of hay in the shed at the Three Sisters property near Flowerdale that won’t be available for stockfeed for a while. A pair of Striated Pardalotes has taken advantage of the holes made by spikes on the tractor used to lift large round bales, and has adopted one of the holes as a tunnel to their nest chamber inside the bale. The two birds can be seen in the picture at left.
DH's pardalotes - detail
Striated Pardalotes usually build their nest in a tree hollow, or tunnel into a creek bank or roadside cutting, but are known to be opportunists and can nest in vent pipes, cracks in house walls or, in one case in our shed, a stack of polystyrene boxes.
Their “chip-chip” call can be heard around the district at present. Click on the audio bar below for a sample of their calls, which includes their soft contact trills, recorded locally.

Thanks to David Hubbard for the story and photos.

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  1. Susan permalink
    September 10, 2015 11:49 am

    Love wildlife, great discovery. We all should possibly check our hay-bales! Thank you for sharing.

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