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Wild pollinators

November 16, 2015

One coming event that caught our eye on the Euroa Arboretum’s Biodiversity Spring calendar is the Wild Pollinator Count 2015, a citizen scientist project running from 15th to 22nd November, i.e. right now!
All you need to do to participate is to choose a sunny, warm, still day and watch your favourite flowering plant for 10 minutes, recording any insects landing on the flower(s). You’ll probably be amazed at the number and variety of wild pollinators around at this time of year and you can do multiple surveys on different plants. You can then submit your observations on the website and also send photos if you wish.
Below are a few pollinators on flowers photographed at our place – some we have managed to identify, with others we’d welcome any suggestions. Click on any of the images and view as a slide show using the arrows.

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