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Creek life

March 2, 2016

IMG_2761There was perhaps some degree of scepticism after the Strath Creek Landcare Group’s recent Platypus Group Watch on King Parrot Creek when one of the organisers was the sole person to spot a platypus, but had no photo to confirm it. Ron at least had the presence of mind to get a picture of the only rakali (Water Rat) seen during the evening. Then we got word that the Green Army team working on weed control in Coonans Reserve had spotted a platypus in the creek on their early morning arrival at the reserve.IMG_2757

So the other morning we went to see for ourselves and were immediately rewarded with a rakali paddling like mad downstream and disappearing under a fallen log. Then, a few minutes later, a platypus appeared in mid-stream and we were finally able to get a few (poor quality) photos.

The creek is still flowing (just) and there are still plenty of deepish pools for the aquatic life, but Waterwatch and the Catchment Management Authority are keeping a close eye on dissolved oxygen (DO) levels so as to be prepared for the possibility of intervention to save the endangered Macquarie Perch, should the need arise. Low flow and raised water temperature, combined with the decay of organic matter, can cause DO to fall to levels that result in stress and even death to fish.
platypus watch jpg
Meanwhile …
… the Yea Wetlands is holding the inaugural Platypus/Rakali Group Watch on Wednesday 9th March. A BYO picnic and briefing begins at 5.30pm in the Cummins Lagoon car park. For full details of the event, click on the flyer.

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