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A rude awakening

January 10, 2017

img_3407There we were, trying to enjoy a post-lunch siesta in the searing heat, when we were disturbed by a scuffling sound followed by a clatter and thud as something plummeted past the window. We jumped up to see what it was and discovered a lizard clinging to the brick window ledge – a rather dazed looking lizard that had collected a few cobwebs and spiders on the way down (see picture at left).
Heading outside we took a quick photo before it took cover between a climbing vine, Hoya sp., and the brick wall, where it remained for most of the afternoon. But we could see its tail had spiny scales, and after closely studying the photos we took, decided it was probably a Cunningham’s Skink, Egernia cunninghami. The head scale pattern, the lobes in front of its ear opening and the longer fourth toe all seemed to point to the genus Egernia, but we would welcome any dissenting identification.
It seems it was on the polycarbonate sheets covering a porch area when it lost its footing and slipped down the gap between the roofing and wall. Actually, with its clinging feet, it’s hard to believe it accidentally slipped. There were some more scrabbling sounds above and we suspect there was another skink and they were fighting on the roof’s edge – in an active commmunal species like Cunningham’s, there’s bound to be a bit of squabbling.

Anyway that meant the end of our siesta for the day!

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