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Some privacy please!

October 31, 2017

Spring is well and truly here. The plants are flowering and the animals are doing what they always do in spring – mate.

But just consider the plight of most insects. They have to do the deed al fresco which means they have to contend with the elements rain, hail or shine. In many cases insects can find a secluded spot away from prying eyes deep within the vegetation, for example this pair of Southern Green Stink Bugs (Nezara viridula) mating on a broad bean (pictured left).


However, for these beetles pictured right a floret of Clustered Everlastings (Chrysocephalum semipapposum) might make a romantic setting but where’s the privacy.

And then you have to put up with others dropping in to watch. It is enough to put you off.

I know it puts me off.

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