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A cool customer

September 3, 2018

This Black (or Swamp) Wallaby, Wallabia bicolor was browsing on the side of Moores Road, Flowerdale, the other day, at the junction with Broadford-Flowerdale Road, and was quite unperturbed by the cars whizzing by. That can be a problem if it suddenly decides the grass is greener on the other side of the road, and a number of wallabies have been killed by cars adjacent to Coonans Reserve which is a haven for these delightful creatures.

Wallabies in the bush are usually quite shy, bounding off noisily when confronted, and it is odd that some local wallabies seem oblivious to human proximity. Perhaps familiarity with cars breeds contempt. This particular wallaby did eventually hop off to the “cover” of long grass, but still seemed content to have its photo taken.

Unlike kangaroos, wallabies are generally solitary, but can be found in groups at prime feeding sites – for instance six were reported recently at the back of the Three Sisters property in Flowerdale. And like kangaroos, the males can indulge in quite hectic fights, which reminded us of an amazing video recorded by Rick and Claire at their property on the north side of the Yea Spur. It was posted on this blog in 2011 and can be viewed HERE.

Maybe the notch in our wallaby’s ear is the result of a similar fight?

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