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Whistler v. Triller

December 5, 2018

Rufous Whistler

In a revegetated gully at the back of our place there is a wealth of bird chatter at present. But the songs of two birds in particular dominate for much of the day, and it sounds like a battle to see which can impress the most. They are the Rufous Whistler and White-winged Triller.
Click on the audio icons below to hear their resounding calls which are well worth a listen.

Rufous Whistler:
White-winged Triller:

White-winged Triller

Both these birds are spring/summer migrants to Victoria, spending the colder months in the warmer climes of northern Australia. The male triller pictured here (it’s elusive – hence the long-distance shot!) is in its pied (black and white) breeding plumage. From March to August it changes its outfit to mainly brown and grey, more closely resembling the female. The male Rufous Whistler retains its impressive plumage throughout the year.

As a songster, the Rufous Whistler probably wins the day, but the White-winged Triller is certainly no slouch in the vocal stakes.

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  1. Peter permalink
    December 20, 2018 6:56 am

    Great recordings. Wonderful to have them in your large backyard.


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