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Round robin

April 20, 2019

On hearing a kerfuffle at the back door, we looked out to see a plump yellow and grey bird fluttering and then landing on a beam under the eaves. It was an Eastern Yellow Robin which seemed distressed and confused, perhaps having been chased by another bird: currawong, butcherbird or even our often-seen brown goshawk – who knows? After about 15 minutes, it had settled down enough to fly off, but in the meantime, we had a chance to have a close look at this lovely little bird.

The Eastern Yellow Robin is mostly sedentary and can be seen or heard occasionally, all year round, in native vegetation remnants, roadsides, creeklines and even gardens in the King Parrot catchment.

Both sexes emit a persistent piping call, sometimes in lengthy bursts. The male also gives a loud two- or three-note territorial call. Both calls can be heard by clicking on the audio bar below.
Birds like this robin must be doing it tough in this extended extremely dry period, with food sources depleted. So here’s hoping for a break in the weather soon!

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  1. April 20, 2019 5:30 pm

    Great story, and glad to hear its all ok.
    They are such confinding and wondreful birds to work with. But, the dry conditions around here have made it very hard to locate any on a regular basis.

    Their Grey on Yellow is such a fine colour combo.

    • macwake permalink
      April 20, 2019 6:16 pm

      Thanks for your comment, David. We always love your amazing photos.

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