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It’s lucky they’re small

December 19, 2019

Irrespective of the size of your backyard fauna can turn up at any time. Granted, if you live on a small block that is completely fenced you may not get Eastern Greys cruising through (or you might!) but fauna will be out there.

A trip to the clothes line this week brought me up close and personal with a Mantis Fly (see picture left). Mantis Flies have been previously blogged about. They look like a Preying Mantis but are neither a mantis nor a fly. In fact they are a type of lacewing.

In close up they look kind of ferocious (see below).

It is lucky that they are small. If I had to confront a large version of one every time I hung my clothes out to dry I think I would not bother clothes washing and become a nudist – probably just as terrifying to look at!

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