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It’s a Breeding Frenzy

November 12, 2021

It’s a lively breeding season in this lush Spring after generous rain over the year thus far. One of the easiest birds to observe, to wonder at, and to photograph is the Eastern Yellow Robin (Eopsaltria australis) because they are bold, they forage at eye-level or lower, and they tend to settle calmly when they land, not be restless like a thornbill.

Though I always try to keep my distance from a nesting bird, this Eastern Yellow Robin in the Yea Wetlands makes little effort to hide itself or its nest. There seem to be several pairs nesting at the moment and although the one pictured at the nest has very young chicks, some parents have got ahead in the race. I found one very young individual with rich brown plumage moving alone through the trees by the river. It will probably still get occasional feeding from its parents, like a teenager still likes to go home for Sunday lunch, but I saw no adult while I was watching, making me unsure of its identification till I checked up later.

It’s a good year for birds, a good year for breeding, a good year for learning more about birds.

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