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Lifecycle in five pictures

December 8, 2022

The Dotted Paropsine Leaf Beetle (Paropsis atomaria), pictured below,  is one of many species of Eucalyptus Beetle feeding on our gum trees at the moment. Atomaria refers to the speckled colours on the wing cases.


After mating tubular eggs are laid in a cluster around a gum twig by the female beetle. The larvae when hatched are yellow with a black head and tail and covered in small black dots.

Both the adult and larval forms are herbaceous. The larvae form groups that entirely devour young gum leaves. They pupate in the ground and emerge as adults, which feed on more mature leaves, creating semi-circular shapes in the leaf margins.

The many species of Leaf Beetle come in a range of colours. At this time of the year they provide welcome mobile tree decorations – unless you are a tree grower!

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