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May 11, 2012

This magnificent old Candlebark tree (Eucalyptus rubida) near Strath Creek is hollowed out near the base and has a long narrow opening about a metre above the ground, leading to quite a large level platform inside the tree. To see what animal(s) might be using the hollow, we set up a remote motion-sensitive camera on the trunk of a small dead tree nearby. The camera showed that the hollow is fairly regularly visited by a Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes), both at night and during the day. It is unclear yet whether the fox is using it as a den or just checking out the hollow for possible prey, although it is probably too low for most animals to feel secure. There is no obvious fox smell inside, and every time we visit the hollow, it is vacant.

The abundance of foxes in the district was highlighted during our Focus on Fauna surveys, when foxes were recorded at 17 out of the 22 properties where remote cameras were set up for week-long observations.

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