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A sleek skink

January 1, 2014

Blue-tongueIt’s not exactly a rarity, but it’s still a bit of a thrill to come across a sleek blue-tongue lizard basking out in the open, allowing close inspection and photos. This is a Common (or Eastern) Blue-tongue (Tiliqua scincoides). Its colouring and markings can be variable, but it is generally characterised by the banding across its body and tail, as well as the dark stripe and large temporal scales behind its eyes. This one was so placid, it didn’t bother showing us its impressive blue tongue.
Another species of about the same size, the Blotched Blue-tongue (Tiliqua nigrolutea) can be found quite commonly in the Strathbogie Ranges to the north of us – click HERE to see some great pictures of the Blotched Blue-tongue on the Strathbogie Ranges – Nature View website.

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  1. Susan permalink
    January 2, 2014 12:49 pm

    As you say, it is real thrill to see blue-tongue lizards in their natural habitat. We discovered one that wintered in a pile of wood at the back.

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