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Agile by name …

July 28, 2014

AntechinusThe same remote camera that recorded images of a Grey Currawong featured in our previous post also captured night-time pictures of a small animal darting around the trunk of a Long-leaf Box tree. It is an antechinus, most likely an Agile Antechinus (Antechinus agilis), a carnivorous native marsupial related to quolls, phascogales, dunnarts – and the Tasmanian Devil. Living up to its name, the Agile Antechinus is a swift and acrobatic climber, though it does spend time on the ground foraging for invertebrates.

Antechinus 2

As with phascogales, the winter mating period of the antechinus ends with the abrupt death of all males from stress-induced breakdown of the immune system. Many of the females also have a short life and die before having the chance of a second breeding. They nest in tree hollows, and have been found to readily adapt to artificial nest-boxes.



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