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Collateral damage

February 22, 2015

Dead cormorant - King Parrot CreekThis ugly sight confronted fish research scientist Jo Kearns recently while she was mapping fish habitat along the King Parrot Creek. The photo shows a cormorant, probably a Little Pied Cormorant, hanging from fishing line left strung across the creek by a careless angler.
(We hate to think of an alternative possibility that the cormorant was deliberately killed and tied up – cormorants are not the favourite birds of some fisher-persons !)Fishing line, KPCkLitter, KPCk

It is not uncommon to see litter and tangled fishing line left along the creek and in overhanging vegetation. As well as being an eyesore, this presents a potential death trap for wildlife including birds, platypus, rakali, turtles and fish. So, a plea to anglers: retrieve any tangled line for the sake of the creek’s wildlife.

Incidentally, on a positive note, a platypus watch held last Saturday by Strath Creek Landcare and Flowerdale Landcare at several observation points along King Parrot Creek for one hour at dusk recorded a total of 8 platypus.

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