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Only a stone’s throw away

March 16, 2015

Bird bookletIn 2007 the Strath Creek Landcare Group published a booklet entitled Birds of the lower King Parrot Valley featuring the most common birds found in the district. The ‘centrefold’ and front cover displayed focal species, woodland birds that were probably once common in the valley but may be on the brink of local extinction. Readers were encouraged to look out for these species as the plantings in the valley should cater for the needs of these indicator species and attract them back.

Of the five birds mentioned, four of them—the Crested Shrike-tit, Hooded Robin, Southern Whiteface and Jacky Winter—have been subsequently seen in the district. The Brown Treecreeper (Climacteris picumnus) has not. (The scientific name is derived from klimax meaning ladder, klimakter meaning rung and the diminutive of picus meaning woodpecker. If you have ever watched a treecreeper in action, it is a very apt description.)

We're back....almost!

We’re back….almost!

This weekend Macwake and I joined the Yea Birders for their monthly birdwatching outing. We started at the Goulburn Valley Highway at Ghin Ghin Road, moved to the Yea Sewerage Farm and then on to a section of the High Country Rail Trail. At our first stop what should we find but a flock of Brown Treecreepers. Google Maps tells me that the distance from there to Strath Creek is 25 km (via the King Parrot Creek Road). Presumably Brown Treecreepers would not use the road so the distance is considerably less.

So all you Flowerdalians and Strath Creekers, keep your eyes peeled. The Brown Treecreepers are only a stone’s throw away … if you have a good bowling arm.

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